Transition happens at all times in organizations. Both planned and unplanned: mergers&acquisitions, executive successions, new products, systems or processes. Transition is always hard: it brings fear and anxiety; it brings confusion and sometimes extra work. I can partner with your organization and leaders to experience transition in way that employees feel involved and engaged, through clear communication, purposeful coaching and measurable action plans aligned with the business objectives.

Some projects I can support you with include:

  1. performance management system;
  2. leadership training (classroom, online or blended);
  3. compensation structure;
  4. competency model;
  5. development plan and identification of high performance employees;
  6. succession plan;
  7. DISC assessments.

Before we start working together, I will partner with you to assess your needs and identify the best strategy to address your priorities. I will bring my experience as consultant and in-house manager in several industries and countries to bring a customized solution based on your own industry, culture and goals.

You will be able to Thrive Through Transition.