Were you invited to start an international assignment? Are you the partner of an expatriate? Are you currently considering a career change? Or do you find yourself struggling with the new position you just got into?

As an Executive Coach I help individuals thrive through these transitions. With emotional support and the right tools, you will be able to manage them in an effective and positive way.  

Intercultural Coaching

Having international experience is now a common requirement to move up in the career ladder. However, the skills that made you successful so far may not be the same skills you need to succeed in the global arena. Competencies like non-judmentalness, emotional resilience or tolerance of ambiguity are key to an international career.

I helped many executives over the years to ensure they got the proper preparation for the new challenge, were able to quickly adapt to the new culture (job and country) and that the repatriation was as smooth as possible.

On the other hand, the adjustment of the family and partners in particular is also tough, if not tougher. In a recent survey (2015 Cartus Global mobility policy & practices), 61% of organizations stated that inability of the family to adjust was the number-two reason why international assignments failed.

Especially in the case where the partner gave up her/his career to move abroad, it is important to make sure they have proper support to adapt to the new culture and take advantage of the challenge to explore career options or find a local job.

I use my personal experience as a manager, consultant, coach and expat spouse to help you navigate the transition waters and enjoy the ride.

Transition and Career Coaching

Self-awareness is the first step to understand and manage transitions. I’ll help you understand your values and passions, and what motivates you to gain clarity about what you want to achieve. We will put together an action plan with specific steps and milestones, always supported with tools, information and my own experience as a certified coach. You will be able to:

  1. Understand what motivates you and how you behave when dealing with others;
  2. Identify your ideal career path and your current roadblocks;
  3. Define your uniqueness and share it to the world through social media, resume and other tools;
  4. Define your job search strategy both in the short and long terms.