Connector. Challenger. Achiever. 

I was born in Portugal, a quiet corner of Southern Europe, and had my first international adventure at the age of 16 when I spent 2 weeks in the UK learning English. This experience awakened a curiosity in me about the “world out there” that has been burning ever since. Subconscious decision or not, fact is I ended up starting my career working in international companies supporting employees, customers and peers navigating the waters of transition – either when moving to/interacting with another country, or facing a new culture when changing jobs/accepting new responsibilities.

Then my expat journey began. First the U.S. and now China. East and West. Yin and Yang. In the meantime 5 years have passed and with them several leadership positions in 3 different industries, 2 intercontinental moves, 1 marriage and 1 son. I know what transition is because I’ve been there. Many times. It is exciting and freighting at the same time for people but also companies.

I support leaders through transitions by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to quickly be able to thrive in, and contribute to, the new culture. I do this by understanding what is going on. By accepting the challenge. By building strong relationships. By thinking out of the box. By establishing goals and an action plans. You and/or your company will be able to rapidly embrace the new culture and achieve peak performance to ensure sustainable success. And I will partner with you all the way.